My husband gave me a fitness tracker for my birthday.

This wasn’t a hint on his part.  I had asked for a simple pedometer because more than three years after falling off my horse and shattering my leg, I am back to being relatively fit. At this age it is definitely a use it or lose it proposition. He thought the fitness tracker/watch would be better.

Day one: I attempt to set up the system. I download the required software, but I can’t push the button to make the watch go to “pair” and sync” mode. Day two, I call customer service. She tells me to take unit out of band and press—still cannot easily press button—she thinks it may be defective and suggests I return to Omega Sports.

Day 4: I go to Omega Sports. The clerk and manager inform me that they cannot accept returns on this product; I need to send it back. They look at my unit and they are able to easily push the button through its phases. I manage to push it once.

So I decide it must be me, not the unit, and I decide to go forth and be fit. Every day I am supposed to sync the watch to the computer—I must get the unit in sync mode and call up the website. Sometimes the computer won’t call up the site, sometimes I can’t get it in sync mode and sometimes it just fails to sync and tells me so right across my computer screen. Now I know that one of the goals of exercise is to raise your heart rate, breathing rate for a period of time—this is accomplished by my frustration and when it doesn’t work the first time I must make more steps to and from the computer to retry. The feature I like best is that when you are sitting over an hour it beeps at you. I know that is a good thing. Now I have guilt to add to frustration.


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