As I write this, the fall colors are beautiful. Indian Summer in the Carolinas is fine indeed.

This week I was assigned to write an article about a fundraiser for a young man who needs a heart transplant. They will be having a “Color Race” in his honor.  I had never heard of a color race, but it means that the participants run as they are showered with paint, chalk, whatever.

I learned that this is a young man who, despite horrendous odds, has lived his life in full color. He plays the mandolin, cooks and helps with vacation Bible school at his church. He has gone on mission trips and recently graduated from high school. A “Color Race” in his honor is certainly fitting. He and his family consider his life an ongoing testimony to their faith.

I haven’t posted to the blog lately because I have been busy elsewhere. My website: http://www.susanwilliamsonauthor.com is now up–it isn’t fancy but it’s there and a work in progress, Today I added picture. I had a speaking engagement and book signing sponsored by the Shepherd Center “Local Authors” series. What fun! It was well attended and the questions were great.

I am busy proofing my next book, Dead on the Trail. The folks at Second wind Publishing have come up with a wonderful cover, again! It too has elements of full color.

As much as possible, we endeavor to eat locally and seasonally and off the land. One day I did really well. Our fall spinach combined with eggs from a local farm (hard boiled) and red onions from another local farm. I topped the salad with smoked salmon left over from the shower I hosted last weekend–not local but so tasty. For dinner we had pumpkin soup made from a pumpkin traded to me for chestnuts from our trees,onion, home canned tomatoes, green peppers from the garden and black beans (unfortunately from a can). The soup, seasoned with cumin, may sound strange but it is thick and warming and a lovely dark bittersweet color. I topped it with chopped cilantro from the herb garden and a touch of sour cream (from the grocery–I’m not perfect.)

Fall colors are vivid, perhaps to prepare us for winter’s starkness.  Joy like color is all around us and we need to gather it in for the winter seasons.


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