DSCF0736This weekend will mark the release of my thriller, Turkmen Captives, at Bookmarks Literary Festival in Winston-Salem. I am a freelance writer. I see my non-fiction in print frequently.  I have had short stories published and for several years I wrote a weekly column as well as news stories for the Edmonton Herald -News where I served as editor.

But this is different. It is sending my creation out into the world–vulnerability on a whole new level. My children and my husband were often topics in my weekly column. And I debated the privacy issues involved every time. This thriller is pure fiction, yet in a sense fiction reveals the author’s thoughts, imaginations, beliefs and fantasies to the world in a way that is much more intimate than the most heartfelt essay.

Some of my favorite authors will be at this year’s festival. I plan to meet and hear several of them speak. My success is an unknown. But I am humbled to be published and to enter the realm of thriller and mystery authors.

I began my novel with an exciting scene, the premise evolved from there and in the latest world news has taken on its own reality. If through the medium of fiction and entertainment, I can bring more awareness to the horrible and growing scourge of human trafficking, I will have served a higher purpose. Only God and my characters knew where this novel was going and I never believed that characters take the author places until I began this journey.

My second book, Dead on the Trail, a cozy mystery, will also be published soon. I am already working on sequels to both books–who knows where I will go from here?


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