Winter has been unusually cold in North Carolina, but last weekend spring temperatures brought hope. Today in a small garden, sheltered by the basement, I planted onions. I watched the horses munch on their round bale and pick imaginary grass–I surely couldn’t see any. Putting my fingers in the dirt gives a primitive satisfaction, and also hope for the season to come.

I prepped for my biology class tonight and worked on advertising for the CSA which I manage, Triad Farm to Table Cooperative. Then I sat down to design a new blog–needed now that I will have two  books to promote, come late summer.Both involve horses and mystery and that is your only hint for now.

In the same spirit of spring hope, I ordered a bathing suit and sandals that were on sale.

This will be an eclectic blog from farms to food to horses to books to thoughts, hopefully tempered by experience but not jaded or apathetic. I just finished reading Alan Weisman’s Countdown  and I needed some spring in the countryside after that dire, yet realistic look at the future of our planet. Soberly, I wonder about the future my granddaughter will inherit.

Wishing you sunshine and daffodils,



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